Saturday, 15 May 2010

Men In Skirts

More Magazine Illustrations! This time for an old friend who contacted me about his Arts and Culture Mag. These Illustrations are for an article entitled "Real Men Wear Skirts". My original plan was to draw the kilted Scotsman, then move onto some more modern Illustrations, but I had much more fun drawing guys in skirts through the ages! A surprising amount of armies have at some point had skirted uniforms. So at least that fulfills my brief of "Nothing too effeminate." What could be more manly and suggestive than a Flintlock Rifle, I ask you? Nothing, that's what.

Monday, 10 May 2010

George Rekers and Gio

Not particularly proud of this one. As far as cartoons go, this does feel a little hackish- few too many labels and and a fairly simplistic joke. I thought that I'd be the millionth person to draw a cartoon about this subject, but it seems that most cartoonists are still cruising on the epic symbolism of the BP Oil Spill disaster. Matt Wuerker hits it straight on the head with his hilarious "BP CREATES WORLDS BIGGEST METAPHOR" headline. In a week that's been rife with big, blockbuster headlines, very few cartoonists have had time to look at the Rekers' Rentboy Scandal, and those who have just reformatted a banal "airport" joke.

For those of you not in the know, the debacle of the Reker's Rentboy Scandal isn't really wildly outrageous news in that its pretty much the same thing we've come to expect from the Anti-Gay Rights movement in America. A prominent activist who repeatedly speaks out against the progress of Gay rights, harasses same sex families, speaks in favour of "Post-Gay Therapy", and calls LGBT's every name under the sun turns out to be involved in particularly debauched secret gay fling. But in this case, the evidence is just particularly damning, the excuses particularly lame, the details just that little bit more hilarious.

George Rekers was Photographed in Miami airport returning from a two week trip to europe, during which he was accompanied by a hot young "travel assistant", enlisted through the website More complete coverage can be found in Joe.My.God's excellent blog, and believe me, the details are worth a look.

So what have we learned?

There's the obvious "anyone who speaks out against Gay rights is themselves a repressed homosexual", but in my mind there's more to it then that. This case doesn't just highlight the Hypocrisy of the movement, but blows the whole argument out of the water. Conservatives constantly bemoan the moral depravity of Gays, but it's been consistently shown that the depraved prostitutes these men hire have the social conscience to stand up and testify against them.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Contributor Photo, Ribbed Magazine

My Final Illustration for this Quarter's RIBBED. Just a little something to go with my bio. For those not in the know, this is actually what I look like while trying to summon up inspiration. I am an almost chronic pencil-chewer, to the point at which it is becoming a bit of a professional problem; it gets harder to tell how soft or hard your lead is when you've chewed away the "2B" symbol. It's such a habit now that I'll even chew pens that people have lent me, without even realising, sometimes whilst they are still in front of me. To anyone who has had to watch me slobber over their biro whilst deep in thought, I can only offer my heartfelt apologies.

Friday Sketch Dump

Just a few things from my Sketchbook I've been working on. I'm generally far too precious when i work, labouring pointlessly over tiny bits of crosshatching and minor details. This is my first attempt to really counter that, by filling a sketchbook within a month. Of course, the flip side is that you can't be too fussy about what exactly you draw.

Some faces from a hilariously outdated Hairdressing magazine I picked up whilst waiting for a cut. It's great caricature practice trying to encompass the subtle looks of smug self-satisfaction and pretentiousness on the faces of the models. Plus, it's always fun to draw beautiful people in an ugly manner. I didn't want to leave my seat to have my hair cut by the end, I was so into it.

I've been thinking of just starting up a "Street of Wierdos" feature for my Road. Streatham attracts some odd residents, and we are no exception. Mr Snakeskin shirt was sat on his front porch at 4 in the afternoon, drinking a vodka and coke with a look of pained anguish while "Total Eclipse of the Heart" bellowed from his open windows. It is the face of a man who has quite obviously been dumped, desperately, tragically dumped. The story itself is anyone's guess, but maybe, perhaps, you should keep it inside next time.

Chameleons. Surprisingly fun and quick to draw.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

There Is No Stegosaurus In The Axbidge District Museum.

It's true, there isn't.
There's a story behind this, and a lot of it has to do with my trip to revisit my Grandad's old house in Axbridge, Sommerset. It will be the Title card of my Home movie, If I ever get round to developing the bloody Super-8 film, so just to fill you in on the basics;

The film and my work based upon it are to do with my childhood Illusions of Axbridge, a town I had not visited since the age of 6 years old. Perhaps the most grievous misinterpretation in my Child-like mind was that King John's Hunting Lodge, a 15th Century house and Local museum in the town Square contained a full Stegosaurus skeleton, which is insane because the place is tiny. My only explanation is that the trip to the museum was so hugely and terrifyingly boring that I was left to my own imagination to spice it up a bit. It is a notion that haunted me until about the age of 12.

Art Students Will Save Your Property Prices

Illustration for an article in RIBBED about urban regeneration in Shoreditch and other urban areas in London. For those not in the know, there is a definite cycle here; A slum town district in London has rock bottom property prices, attracting students to live there. The sudden influx of students creates a bar culture, that spills over into galleries, music events, etc. Richer students and Yuppies move into this fashionable party district. Property developers get in quick, throw up some high rises, up go the property prices, out go the students, and the Nightlife bubble collapses. The district begins a slow, decades long slide back into obscurity.

Pen and ink on three separate sheets of paper. Click to see big!

Elliot Baggott has no idea what "Neo-Renaissance" actually means.

Some Illustrations for Ribbed magazine. I had a lot of silly fun drawing these; the Venus de Milo has had it coming for far too long, in my opinion, and I like the bland "Woman" face that comes with Lego blocks.

This piece is based of the one piece of Renaissance art that I actually like; "Deathling" , by Hans Leinberger. A tiny, yet incredibly detailed woodcarving, and it's so clear that the artist has really looked at a human skeleton. I love everything about it; the willowy, effete pose, the way the tattered clothes hang from the withered bones, the sheer amount of shit and accessories that skeleton is carrying. Leinberger embodies the grim reaper not as a malevolent, brooding, evil threat, but a sort of jolly melancholic fucker,and I rather like that. He's certainly the only one i feel guilty about copying.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Surrealist Etiquette is now officially open to the perusal of the discerning public. May its reign be long and prosperous.