Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday Sketch Dump

Just a few things from my Sketchbook I've been working on. I'm generally far too precious when i work, labouring pointlessly over tiny bits of crosshatching and minor details. This is my first attempt to really counter that, by filling a sketchbook within a month. Of course, the flip side is that you can't be too fussy about what exactly you draw.

Some faces from a hilariously outdated Hairdressing magazine I picked up whilst waiting for a cut. It's great caricature practice trying to encompass the subtle looks of smug self-satisfaction and pretentiousness on the faces of the models. Plus, it's always fun to draw beautiful people in an ugly manner. I didn't want to leave my seat to have my hair cut by the end, I was so into it.

I've been thinking of just starting up a "Street of Wierdos" feature for my Road. Streatham attracts some odd residents, and we are no exception. Mr Snakeskin shirt was sat on his front porch at 4 in the afternoon, drinking a vodka and coke with a look of pained anguish while "Total Eclipse of the Heart" bellowed from his open windows. It is the face of a man who has quite obviously been dumped, desperately, tragically dumped. The story itself is anyone's guess, but maybe, perhaps, you should keep it inside next time.

Chameleons. Surprisingly fun and quick to draw.

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