Monday, 10 May 2010

George Rekers and Gio

Not particularly proud of this one. As far as cartoons go, this does feel a little hackish- few too many labels and and a fairly simplistic joke. I thought that I'd be the millionth person to draw a cartoon about this subject, but it seems that most cartoonists are still cruising on the epic symbolism of the BP Oil Spill disaster. Matt Wuerker hits it straight on the head with his hilarious "BP CREATES WORLDS BIGGEST METAPHOR" headline. In a week that's been rife with big, blockbuster headlines, very few cartoonists have had time to look at the Rekers' Rentboy Scandal, and those who have just reformatted a banal "airport" joke.

For those of you not in the know, the debacle of the Reker's Rentboy Scandal isn't really wildly outrageous news in that its pretty much the same thing we've come to expect from the Anti-Gay Rights movement in America. A prominent activist who repeatedly speaks out against the progress of Gay rights, harasses same sex families, speaks in favour of "Post-Gay Therapy", and calls LGBT's every name under the sun turns out to be involved in particularly debauched secret gay fling. But in this case, the evidence is just particularly damning, the excuses particularly lame, the details just that little bit more hilarious.

George Rekers was Photographed in Miami airport returning from a two week trip to europe, during which he was accompanied by a hot young "travel assistant", enlisted through the website More complete coverage can be found in Joe.My.God's excellent blog, and believe me, the details are worth a look.

So what have we learned?

There's the obvious "anyone who speaks out against Gay rights is themselves a repressed homosexual", but in my mind there's more to it then that. This case doesn't just highlight the Hypocrisy of the movement, but blows the whole argument out of the water. Conservatives constantly bemoan the moral depravity of Gays, but it's been consistently shown that the depraved prostitutes these men hire have the social conscience to stand up and testify against them.

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