Thursday, 29 April 2010

Elliot Baggott has no idea what "Neo-Renaissance" actually means.

Some Illustrations for Ribbed magazine. I had a lot of silly fun drawing these; the Venus de Milo has had it coming for far too long, in my opinion, and I like the bland "Woman" face that comes with Lego blocks.

This piece is based of the one piece of Renaissance art that I actually like; "Deathling" , by Hans Leinberger. A tiny, yet incredibly detailed woodcarving, and it's so clear that the artist has really looked at a human skeleton. I love everything about it; the willowy, effete pose, the way the tattered clothes hang from the withered bones, the sheer amount of shit and accessories that skeleton is carrying. Leinberger embodies the grim reaper not as a malevolent, brooding, evil threat, but a sort of jolly melancholic fucker,and I rather like that. He's certainly the only one i feel guilty about copying.

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