Wednesday, 16 February 2011

TEETH Update: A Hundred is Actually Quite a Big Number.

Just a little update to showcase some of the glamourous behind-the-scenes work at Serotonin Studios. (NB: not actually a physical studio) The Covers for TEETH are all going to be individually screen printed by yours truly, and this is the first step towards printing the whole damn lot of them. Did I mention this is a numbered Edition of 100? It turns out that a hundred is actually quite a lot when each cover has to be screened by hand. But I'm doing it anyway and it's gonna be a nice touch of class.  

The main benefit of silkscreening is that I get to choose exactly what shade of purple to print the covers in. It's stupidly hard to get a comic to print off the exact shade that it appears on your computer screen, and this is an elegant way around all the various strife inherent in digital printing. Today we are going with this rather fruity shade! The finished comics will probably actually vary from one to another due to ink mixing, which should be really interesting!

A couple of the first prints! Don't they look great? Next comes the layer of black ink on top. Hopefully I should get the bulk of these done by the end of the week.

One final note: the retail price for TEETH is still up for debate, but we're probably looking at something in the region of £4. I don't want to go to far over that. If you are interested in reserving a copy, do drop me a line and we'll work something out. 

That's all for now! Elliot x

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